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Koala Man Cast: Meet the Voice Actors in Hulu's Adult Animated Comedy

Hugh Jackman and Sarah Snook headline Michael Cusack's new series.
  • Koala Man voice stars Sarah Snook and Hugh Jackman (Photos: Hulu/Everett Collection)
    Koala Man voice stars Sarah Snook and Hugh Jackman (Photos: Hulu/Everett Collection)

    Some of the brightest minds in animation join forces with A-list stars in Hulu’s new comedy series Koala Man. Created by Michael Cusack, who also voices the titular hero, Koala Man follows a middle-aged dad who adopts a new identity and sets out to protect his hometown of Dapto from threats big and small, from supernatural creatures to neighbors who forget trash day.

    In addition to Cusack, the adult animated comedy — which is executive produced by Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites’ Justin Roiland — features a host of top Australian talent, including Sarah Snook (Succession) as Kevin’s wife Vicky and Hugh Jackman as town councilman Big Greg. With so many actors letting their Aussie accents flow freely, it can be difficult to pair a voice with a name, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to the Koala Man cast on Hulu:

    Michael Cusack as Kevin a.k.a Koala Man

    Photos: Ben Hider/Hulu

    IT coordinator Kevin is a seemingly unremarkable man, but he has an extraordinary ability to sniff out injustices in his hometown of Dapto, New South Wales. Determined to right the world’s wrongs, Kevin assumes the identity of Koala Man, a “superhero” who does everything from confronting interdimensional aliens to policing the length of his neighbors’ grass. Kevin/Koala Man is voiced by series creator Michael Cusack, an animator best known for creating Adult Swim’s Smiling Friends and YOLO: Crystal Fantasy. In Koala Man, Cusack also voices Kevin’s wimpy son Liam and low-level criminals Darren and Damo.

    Hugh Jackman as Big Greg

    Photos: Everett Collection/Hulu

    The former host of a popular fishing show and current head of the Town Council, Big Greg is the most well-liked man in Dapto. Everyone seems to trust the celebrity turned politician — everyone, it seems, except Kevin, who turns green with envy when Daptonians credit Big Greg, his direct supervisor at work, for Koala Man’s town-saving efforts.

    Hugh Jackman brings his decades of experience to Koala Man as Big Greg, though X-Men fans may not recognize his Australian accent (he spoke in a slight Canadian accent as Wolverine). Jackman has also starred in Les Misérables, The Greatest Showman, and 2022 drama The Son.

    Sarah Snook as Vicky

    Photos: HBO/Hulu

    Succession star Sarah Snook also embraces her native accent as Vicky, Kevin’s wife. Vicky begrudgingly tolerates Koala Man, believing it’s just a mid-life crisis for Kevin, but his passion for the role soon prompts her to question whether she’s missing a greater purpose of her own. Beyond Succession, for which she’s earned two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe, Snook has appeared in The Glass Castle and Pieces of a Woman.

    Demi Lardner as Alison

    Photos: Ben Hider/Hulu

    While Liam embraces Koala Man, his twin sister Alison seeks to distance herself from her father’s alter ego, believing it will help her become the most popular and powerful girl in school. Alison is voiced by Demi Lardner, an up-and-comer who has won various comedy competitions, including Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s So You Think You’re Funny? and Best International Show (for solo project Ditch Witch 800) at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

    Jemaine Clement as Principal Bazwell

    Photos: Hulu

    A nerdy but caring mentor to Liam, Principal Bazwell aims to support the students of North Dapto High with helpful anecdotes and encouraging song lyrics. He is played by Jemaine Clement, the Emmy-nominated creator of Flight of the Conchords and What We Do in the Shadows. When he’s not behind the camera, Clement — who is from New Zealand, not Australia — can be seen in Avatar: The Way of the Water, Men in Black 3, and Brad’s Status.

    Jarrad Wright as Spider

    Photos: Hulu

    A superhero is nothing without a sidekick, and Spider certainly fits the bill. Spider, Kevin’s boorish best friend and neighbor, often finds himself drawn into Koala Man’s antics — especially if the mission involves procuring illegal weapons. He’s voiced by Jarrad Wright, the creator, star, and editor of popular web series The Big Lez Show and spinoff The Mike Nolan Show.

    Rachel House as Janine and Louise

    Photos: Hulu

    Rachel House pulls double duty as the hard-partying Janine, Vicky’s friend and co-worker at the school canteen, and Louise, the owner of the local bowling club who finds herself inexplicably attracted to Koala Man. A New Zealand native, House has often collaborated with Taika Waititi (Clement’s co-creator on What We Do in the Shadows), appearing in four of his films — Eagle vs Shark, Boy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Thor Ragnarok — and serving as an acting coach on Jojo Rabbit. She has also voiced key roles in Moana and Pixar’s Soul.

    Miranda Otto as Mindy

    Photos: Hulu

    Miranda Otto is one of two guest stars playing a non-human character. She joins the animated comedy as Mindy, a sweet koala cub with whom Koala Man shares a deep and mysterious connection. Otto began her career with critically acclaimed roles in Australian films before breaking onto the global stage as Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings film series. In the years since, she has starred in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, 24: Legacy, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, among many other projects.

    Hugo Weaving as King Emudeus

    Photos: Hulu

    One of Australia’s most acclaimed performers, Hugo Weaving plays Koala Man’s King Emudeus, the wise and noble monarch of the country’s emu population. The guest-starring role serves as a reunion for Weaving and Otto, co-stars in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings franchise (he also reprised the role of Elrond in The Hobbit trilogy). Viewers will also recognize the actor from roles as Agent Smith in The Matrix films, the title character in V for Vendetta, and Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger.

    Koala Man premieres Monday, January 9 on Hulu. Join the discussion about the show in our forums.

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