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Kid Cudi Pays Tribute to Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley, and "Weird Little Flutes" on SNL

  • In this sketch from Saturday Night Live, Kid Cudi joins Chris Redd and Pete Davidson in paying homage to the "weird little flute" that periodically shows up in hip hop tracks.

    As musical guest, Cudi's costume choices during his performances paid homage to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain to honor the 27th anniversary of his suicide on April 5. During "Tequila Shots," he wore a green sweater matching the one Cobain wore during his legendary MTV Unplugged performance, although he replaced Cobain's T-shirt with one depicting late SNL star Chris Farley. In his second performance, of the song "Sad People," he wore a full dress similar to one of the several Cobain used to occasionally wear during performances. Twitter certainly took notice.

    Here are the two performance clips:


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