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Kevin Hart Puts a Stage in His Own Living Room For Zero F*cks Given Trailer

  • We just gota teaser, but now we get the first look at Kevin Hart's actual performance footage for his new Netflix stand-up special Zero F*cks Given.

    How did he innovate this time? He set up a socially distant club in his own living room.

    "I want to explain to you guys why I'm actually in my house," Hart says. "I'm no longer comfortable anywhere else but my house. I'm in my f*ckin'  comfort zone. I'm gonna let it fly today. Everything that I f*ckin' feel, I'm gonna say."

    Topics he'll cover include getting canceled, his sex tape drama, and his kids' private school not respecting his level of celebrity. "You better buckle the f*ck up." 

    Zero F*cks Given premieres November 17 on Netflix. 

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