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Josh Gad Reveals He Accidentally Took Sleep Meds Before Filming Curb

  • Don't ask Josh Gad about his appearance in the most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In a Thursday interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Gad revealed that he accidentally took sleeping meds right before taping, and as a result, he remembers little about the experience.

    While Gad was thrilled to get a call from Larry David asking him to be on Curb, he woke up the day of filming with back pain and took three Advil — or so he thought. After an odd encounter on set, Gad asked his wife to read the label on the pill bottle, and she revealed he had actually taken Advil PM. "I took three Advil PM and shot an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm," he told Kimmel.

    "Well, it didn't affect your performance, at all. Or maybe it did, I don't know," replied the late night host. "It did. I was not there that day," said Gad. "But I had the best time. Larry is the consummate professional."

    Gad joked that he "wore a really interesting costume" for the episode, in which he plays a chiropractor who exposes himself to Larry via underwear riddled with holes. "Because I was on drugs, without my permission, I got a letter from my lawyer much later," he recalled. They sent me a nudity rider about — and it basically issued a notification of how many inches of ass I was permitting them to show on camera. And I'm like, 'Did I do an episode of Euphoria that I forgot about? What exactly is happening?'"

    Josh Gad's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "Man Fights Tiny Woman," is available to stream on HBO Max.

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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