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Jimmy Fallon Surprises Steve Kornacki By Cleaning His Messy Office

  • Back in November Jimmy Fallon tracked down Steve Kornacki, the newly-minted "chart-throb" of MSNBC's election coverage, and discovered that his office is an absolute mess.

    On Monday's Tonight Show, Fallon decided to surprise Kornacki by cleaning up his office while he was on the air.

    As you can see in the above clip, it was a daunting task. As he puts on rubber gloves to get to work, Fallon says "These gloves aren't even for COVID. It's just for this office." Eventually, he just throws everything on Kornacki's desk into a garbage bag to clean it out of there. 

    For his part, Kornacki is as nice as he always seems to be when he discovers what happened. 

    "Thank you. This is long overdue. I appreciate it. It'll probably last about a day or two, but it looks great right now," Kornacki says graciously, before it dawns on him that Fallon have taken a shortcut or two. "I don't recognize this. You know, it just seems like... I feel like I had more stuff before." 

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