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Jerry Seinfeld Tells Jimmy Fallon How to Improve His Jerry Seinfeld Impression

  • Jerry Seinfeld took his advantage of his Thanksgiving Day appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to critique Fallon's much-ballyhooed Seinfeld impression.

    "You have this great impression of me that everybody thinks is the best one," he said. "I want you to know that I've enjoyed it over the years, too. I have a good sense of humor about myself. I'm not an egotistical type person. I like being made fun of, but I think it's time for your impression to evolve to the next iteration of who I am. You do the 'comedy club '85' Jerry. That's your impression. Very good. Very entertaining. Everyone loves it. So I think we're all ready, I'm just saying we're all ready for you to move forward to the next Jerry. You're such a great impressionist... I want the next one. We all want to see 'what else can you do with this?'"

    Later in the show, after viewers had their chance to do their own Seinfeld impressions by reading bits from his new book, Fallon attempted his version of the older Seinfeld, but he sprinkled in a little "comedy club 1985 Jerry" just a bit.

    Seinfeld approved. "That was excellent. You brought the maturity of the years and the condescension that only comes with age."

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