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Jason Alexander Tells Seth Meyers About the Pretty Woman Fan Who Spit at Him

  • Jason Alexander is so good at playing characters that get under your skin, it's enough to make some people spit.

    Tuesday night on Late Night, Seth Meyers asked Alexander how big an impact his character from <i>Pretty Woman</i> had on him at the time. 

    "Women in particular would spot me from about a half a block away and venom would come into their eyes," he said. "I had many, many stranger women to me come up and go 'I don't like you. I don't like you.' Then we'd laugh about it, but a few of them who really kind of bought the movie hook, line, and sinker — I had one woman who spit at me. Not on me, but she spit kinda at me because she was so disgusted by me."

    The fans didn't stop there. "I had some women who playfully came up and punched me in the arm, smacked me on the head, telling me what I had done to that lovely girl was so inappropriate, and I agreed with them in real life and in the movie. I surrendered. I immediately surrendered." 

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