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It's Haunting Guilt vs. Haunting Ghosts in Hulu's The Sister Trailer

  • "They're digging up the woods. We've got to move her before they dig her up." That's a chilling enough opening line. 

    "Nathan, what have you done? Why would you marry the dead girl's sister?"

    And that's the hook for Hulu's new British import, the four-part psychological suspense thriller The Sister. It looks like audiences will be fidgeting right along with Nathan (Russell Tovey) as he struggles to keep what he knows about his sister-in-law's death a secret, but creepy Bob (Bertie Carvel) knows, and he doesn't seem near guilty enough about what happened, even though he claims to be haunted by her.

    The Sister premieres Friday January 22nd on Hulu. 

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