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Meet the Voice Cast of Netflix's Human Resources

There's a reason all those love bugs, hormone monsters, and shame wizards sound so familar.
  • Photo: Netflix
    Photo: Netflix

    Five seasons in, the Netflix animated comedy Big Mouth has spawned a spinoff. Helpfully described in one of the show's increasingly self-referential moments as "Big Mouth meets The Office," Human Resources expands the universe of its flagship show past the realm of puberty-ravaged middle-schoolers to see that even — or perhaps especially — grown adults are as subject to the raging emotional high and lows that Big Mouth has anthropomorphized over the years. On Human Resources, adult life is a dizzying maelstrom of everything all at once, and we get to see love and hate and need and logic and sexuality and anxiety and shame all bump up against each other, and watch the team at Human Resources -- a motley crew of hormone monsters, anxiety mosquitos, shame wizards, love bugs, and countless other creatures. -- try to coordinate it all to help out their clients. It's a wild ride, and it features a ton of great characters with notable voices.

    But whose familiar voices are those? Here's a rundown of the most prominent voice performers in the Human Resources cast.

    Aidy Bryant as Emmy

    Emmy is a new character to the Big Mouth universe, but she's a love bug just like Rochelle and Walter before her. She's new to the job, however, and kind of a disaster, which makes her assignment to a new mother named Becca a perilous one. She's voiced by Aidy Bryant, a ten-season veteran of Saturday Night Live, and the star of the dearly departed Hulu series Shrill.

    Keke Palmer as Rochelle

    We saw Rochelle in the most recent season of Big Mouth, operating as Missy's love bug (and occasionally as Missy's hate worm). She's fun, always eager to show some love, and acts as a good and necessary guide to Emmy as she learns the ropes of her new job. She's voiced by Keke Palmer, the actress best known for her roles in films like Hustlers, Joyful Noise, and the Ryan Murphy-produced TV series Scream Queens. This year, she's prominently featured in the Jordan Peele film Nope.

    Brandon Kyle Goodman as Walter

    Walter also appeared in Season 5 of Big Mouth as a love bug for Nick (and, for a while, as a hate worm). On Human Resources, he also helps Emmy figure out the complicated world of emotions they're all working in. Goodman joined the Big Mouth writers room in season four, co-writing the episode "Four Stories About Hand Stuff." He's also appeared in the Netflix movie Feel the Beat and starred opposite Andrew Scott in an episode of Amazon's Modern Love.

    Randall Park as Pete

    Pete is a logic monster, and as such he's unemotional and made of stone, with a head that looks like the Easter Island statues. He is, as his title suggests, the one who makes the case for rationality amid the swirling hormones, anxieties, and love bugs around him. He's voiced by Randall Park, best known for his roles as Louis Huang on Fresh Off the Boat, Governor Danny Chung on Veep, and Agent Jimmy Woo in WandaVision. He also co-starred in the Netflix romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe with fellow Human Resources voice Ali Wong.

    Pamela Adlon as Sonya

    Sonya is another love bug familiar to Big Mouth audiences, as she was Jessi's love bug last season. In Human Resources, she starts out as Emmy's mentor, but it's not long before she's fired from her job for mysterious reasons. Pamela Adlon has starred on the FX series Better Things since 2016, earning two Emmy nominations, to go with the Emmy Award she won in 2002 for voicing Bobby Hill on King of the Hill.

    David Thewlis as Lionel, the Shame Wizard

    David Thewlis has voiced the predatory Shame Wizard on Big Mouth for several seasons, where he's targeted that show's pubescent kids for everything from their changing bodies to how they've treated one another. Shame is a lifelong foe, of course, and in Human Resources he's seen having a devil of a time preying on new-mom Becca. He's voiced by English actor David Thewlis, who earned acclaim for his work in films by Mike Leigh (Naked) and Charlie Kaufman (I'm Thinking of Ending Things), but isprobably best known for playing Professor Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise.

    Nick Kroll as Maury

    It's hard to imagine that they'd extend the Big Mouth universe without Maury, our original Hormone Monster. Here, he's more of a free-ranging pervert as he and the other hormone monsters make the workplace a minefield of furry dicks and fornication. Nick Kroll co-created the entire Big Mouth enterprise and even makes cameo appearances as his non-animated self.

    Maya Rudolph as Connie

    If we got Maury, there's no way we wouldn't also get Connie, the Hormone Monstress who's been guiding Jessi on Big Mouth all these years. Like Maury, Connie isn't really on any particular task on Human Resources, although with Becca having newly given birth, her hormones are in a state of disarray. Maya Rudolph has won four Emmys in the past two years for her work on both Big Mouth and Saturday Night Live. She also recently appeared in Licorice Pizza and as a voice in Luca.

    Ali Wong as Becca

    Ali Wong has already been part of the Big Mouth universe, voicing Ali on the flagship show. She's playing a different character on Human Resources, a new mom named Becca who is giving the entire gang at Human Resources plenty to work with.

    Thandiwe Newton as Mona

    Mona is another hormone monstress, with a lot more aggression and attitude than Connie. She's been Missy's hormone monstress for a while now on Big Mouth. She's voiced by Emmy-winning actress Thandiwe Newton, best known for her roles in Westworld and Mission: Impossible 2

    Bobby Cannavale as Gavin

    Gavin is, like Mona, an incredibly aggro hormone monster, and the two of them make quite the pair around the Human Resources offices. He's voiced by Bobby Cannavale, the stage and screen actor who won an Emmy for his role as a bootlegger on Boardwalk Empire, memorably guest starred as Will's boyfriend Vince on Will & Grace, and was most recently in the Hulu miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers.

    Maria Bamford as Tito

    One of the more often-deployed workers at Human Resources is Tito, the anxiety mosquito. She's always buzzing around and giving the main characters plenty to feel self-conscious and miserable about. She's voiced by comedian Maria Bamford, who has previously excelled on Netflix with the two-season autobiographical comedy Lady Dynamite.

    Rosie Perez as Petra

    Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actress Rosie Perez joins the cast of Human Resources as Petra, who is an ambition gremlin, and as such is hyper-focused on the career path and life goals that are being affected by Becca having a baby. Having memorably made her screen debut opposite Spike Lee in Do the Right Thing, Perez recently starred in the film Birds of Prey and the TV series The Flight Attendant.

    Helen Mirren as Rita

    Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren graces the presence of Human Resources this season in a guest appearance as Rita, a marvelously successful shame wizard who specializes in making women feel bad about … well, everything. She's also Lionel's mum. Aside from her Oscar-winning role in The Queen, Mirren starred in the most recent two Fast and the Furious movies.

    Hugh Jackman as Dante

    You know who Hugh Jackman is. He played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman, he played Wolverine from the X-Men in a few movies, and he starred opposite Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrmann's Australia. He also showed up in a brief and deeply cheeky cameo on Big Mouth last season, and now he's on Human Resources playing Dante, who is an addiction angel who is all too eager to help Emmy take her mind off how much she's sucking at her new job.

    Jean Smart as Depression Kitty

    The Depression Kitty has been around Big Mouth since the very first season, luxuriating in her lush purple fur and southern drawl in order to lure people into the numbing embrace of depression. She's voiced by Jean Smart, who's spent the last 12 months lapping up every award imaginable for her role as Deborah Vance on Hacks.

    All ten first season episodes of Human Resources drop on Netflix Friday March 18, 2022.

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