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Hein’s TV Picks: Forget the Turkey, Bring on the Beatles

PLUS: Hawkeye, How To With John Wilson, and more.
  • And we thought they didn't get along. (Photos: Disney+)
    And we thought they didn't get along. (Photos: Disney+)

    Jon Hein knows TV. In the late 1990s, he coined the phrase "Jump the Shark" when he founded the site of the same name. Since then, he's written about television everywhere from The New York Times to TV Guide. In his column for Primetimer, he shares his thoughts on what's new and good on TV and the shows on his radar for the coming week.

    One of my most popular columns is from this time last year when I detailed how I spend my Thanksgiving Day. Parade, dog show, family, football and food. This year, the most popular music group in history has thrown a major silver hammer into my plans… and I couldn't be happier.

    The long-awaited Beatles documentary Get Back from the man who brought us The Lord of the Rings arrives on Disney+ in three parts this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Forget the turkey, bring on The Beatles!

    Never before would 50-year-old footage of four British guys making music (with one gal sitting very close by) prove to be so exciting. The Fab Four continues to have an effect on the world even though two of them are no longer with us. Paul McCartney just released his excellent book The Lyrics, but Get Back brings Beatle history to life with footage that looks like it was taken only yesterday.

    The trailers have been fantastic. The promise of exposing what really happened during those Let It Be sessions is ready to be seen. If you were able to watch the original Let It Be documentary, the legendary foursome is shown in a non-flattering light. The band was falling apart, but pulled it back together following those filmed sessions to create an all-time great sendoff with Abbey Road. Confusion stems from the Abbey Road album being released before Let It Be.

    Everybody wants a happy ending, and with 60 hours of archived footage to peruse, Beatles super fan Peter Jackson made it his mission to find it. Sure, there was squabbling, and band members walking out, which happens at most recording sessions regardless of any act's talent level. But there were good times too, and some very good music. To see these classic tunes created before our eyes will be very special.

    Disney+ could not have timed this better. Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to release this documentary. We're sitting around watching TV all day anyway, and there's only so much football we can take. And this is coming from a guy who hosts a football show every Sunday morning (Place Your Bets on SNY).

    The three-day event comes with plenty of pressure and ridiculously high expectations. Disney has been teasing it for a year now, and Peter Jackson is known for the amount of time he invests in creating his "epics." Binge addicts will no doubt be frustrated by dribbling the story out over 3 days versus one big release. You'll be able to eat turkey and all the leftovers before finishing Get Back in its entirety.

    I was too young to experience a "new" Beatles release, so this three-part documentary feels like the next best thing. I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the audience and I know they'll pass the audition.

    (Shows Premiering That I Might Not Be A Fan Of But You Might Be!)

    True Story (NETFLIX) – Kevin Hart plays a comedian who returns to Philly spends a dramatic night with older brother Wesley Snipes. Wednesday.

    Hanna (AMAZON) – Third and final season of the journey of a very angry girl who's one heck of a fighter. Wednesday.

    F Is For Family (NETFLIX) – Bill Burr's animated family returns for its fifth season. Thursday

    South Park: Post COVID (PARAMOUNT+) – The first exclusive from Matt and Trey made for the streamer. Thursday.

    World Pet Games (FOX) – Dogs and cats compete as we digest the festive meal. Thursday at 8pm.

    The Hot Zone: Anthrax (NAT GEO) – Second season of post 9/11 mail-based attacks at U.S. offices. Sunday at 9pm and next day on Hulu.

    One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (CBS) – Bennett, who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, took the stage at Radio City Music Hall with Lady Gaga earlier this year, and by all accounts the duo knocked it out of the park. Sunday at 8pm.

    Slinging some arrows and an anxious New Yorker…

    Hawkeye (DISNEY+)
    Wednesday, November 24th 

    The number of spinoffs launched from the MCU is getting too high to count, and these shows are making a mark at Disney+. Jeremy Renner continues the trend as Hawkeye in this holiday-themed adventure.

    Renner's Clint Barton teams with another well-known Marvel archer Kate Bishop (Hailee Stanfield) in a tale that takes place following Avengers: Endgame. After the success of Loki and WandaVision, the bar is set high for these two arrow-based superheroes.

    How To With John Wilson (HBO)
    Friday, November 26th 10pm  Season 2

    The first season of How To With John Wilson was the underground "have you seen this?" series. It was quirky, funny, and reminiscent of old school low budget HBO comedies that didn't try too hard for the laughs.

    Season two of the docu-comedy arrives as the anxious New Yorker continues his exploration of the city while dishing out advice on the simplest topics. Can't wait to see what his camera will discover this time around.

    If you love or hate my picks, I'd love to hear from you.

    Get vaccinated. Get a booster. Stay healthy and safe!

    Jon Hein is the creator of "Jump the Shark" and author of three books. Follow him @jonhein on Twitter.

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