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Guy Dresses Like a Viking with Thor's Hammer to Sing Michael Bublé on American Idol

  • In this clip from Sunday's American Idol, Anthony Guzman auditions dressed like a "modern Viking" and toting Thor's hammer, the mighty Mjolnir, which he claims "gives me my power to sing." Katy Perry cheerfully greets him with many a "skol," which is explained a Scandinavian way to say 'cheers," and the judges spend another 10 seconds just screaming that. 

    You might expect a Viking to sing some kind of symphonic metal song, but Guzman went with Michael Bublé's version of "Cry Me a River," an Arthur Hamilton song first recorded by Julie London back in 1955, which Luke Bryan terms a "curveball," but it wasn't enough to get a Yes out of him. Still, Perry and Lionel Richie both gave him the go-ahead to Hollywood, steering Idol dangerously close to Let's Make a Deal territory.

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