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Who's Who on Flack and Why a Two Year Old Series is Getting Pushed Like It's New

  • You may be seeing a lot of ads for Flack, the Anna Paquin-led show about the world of celebrity publicists, and be under the impression that it's a new series on Amazon. That's technically true but also misleading. It's new on Amazon, but Flack premiered almost two years ago — February 21, 2019 — on Pop TV. 

    Season 2 of Flack was originally scheduled to premiere on Pop March 13, 2020, which you may remember is the date the world stopped due to COVID-19. Shortly before that, the channel halted a lot of its original programming due to the ViacomCBS merger. That included Flack, although Season 2 did air in the UK last April. 

    A few months later, Amazon picked up the series, and they'e just now rolling it out like it's a brand new show, complete with typical "series premiere" publicity. 

    Flack premiered on Amazon Friday, January 22. Expect a Season 2 announcement soon, since it's already in the can. In the meantime, you can watch this clip to get to know the characters that populate this look at  the dark underbelly of crisis management for the famous.

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