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George Segal's 2020 Reunion with the Just Shoot Me! Cast

  • George Segal has passed away at the age of 87. 

    Among his manyaccomplishments, Segal starred for seven seasons on Steven Levitan's hit NBC workplace sitcom Just Shoot Me! as Jack Gallo, the owner of a fashion magazine called Blush, which also employed his daughter Maya (Laura San Giacomo), his secretary Dennis Finch (David Spade), ex-model Nina (Wendie Malick), and photographer Elliot (Enrico Colantoni). The show is now streaming on Hulu, and in June of 2020, they recruited Gerrad Hall from Entertainment Weekly to moderate a Zoom cast reunion, bringing the cast back together, along with series director Pamela Fryman. 

    By way of illustrating the banter and continued friendship of the cast, this reunion special opens with Segal telling Spade to "go f**k yourself," although he later asserts that the addition of Spade to the cast "was the spark that brought that show life."

    Segal also claims he got the role because he "wore the right suit" to the interview with Levitan, and that his notable appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson also endeared him to the creator. "This was a happy seven years," Segal said of his time on the show.

    Just Shoot Me! is now streaming on Hulu. 

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