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Explore The Nevers' Steampunky Victorian Society of "The Touched" in New Featurette

  • This featurette for HBO's The Nevers shows us more of the world this new sci-fi period drama inhabits, complete with women brandishing superpowers as well as inventing the automobile while struggling against a world that insists on "othering" them all due to its notorious resistance to change.

    Laura Donnelly is Amalia True, the de facto leader of "The Touched," who have been mysteriously granted superhuman abilities for reasons unclear that have made them outcasts. Ann Skelly is Penance Adair, an inventor and Amalia's right-hand person, and Rochelle Neil is Annie Carby,  dubbed "Bonfire" for her ability to manipulate flame. Pip Torrens from The Crown is Lord Massen, the archnemesis who seeks "keep control and not seem to be grasping for it."

    The Nevers premieres Sunday April 11 at 9:00 PM ET on HBO.

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