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Country Comfort Cast Mocks Katharine McPhee's Career in Song

  • In this promo clip for the new Netflix series Country Comfort, star Katharine McPhee offers to advertise the show by reprising her signature American Idol song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," which her co-star Eddie Cibrian barely remembers because it was 15 years ago. Then when she suggests doing something from Smash instead, the child stars of the show openly wonder what Smash even is. 

    That leads to a full-cast hoedown of an original song introducing the cast, who also had no idea that she was recently in Waitress on Broadway.

    McPhee accepts this and uses it to cop to the fact that she's not really the country artist she'll be playing on the show, singing "Not everybody knows me / but it could work out, y'all / 'cause if they've never heard of me / they'll think that I'm from Tennessee / and might accept a southern drawl." 

    Country Comfort premieres this Friday, March 19, on Netflix.

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