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Conan Auditions a Potential Replacement for Regé-Jean Page on Bridgerton

  • The news that Regé-Jean Page will not return for Season 2 of Bridgerton has fans of the show in a tizzy, but Conan may have the perfect replacement for him: one of his writers, Skyler Higley.

    Conan O'Brien had Higley on the show ostensibly to discuss Pages's exit, and Higley appeared dressed in fancy clothes and offered himself as the new Duke of Hastings. O'Brien had his doubts, though, and asked about his acting experience. "I already have about, what, 15 seconds of on-screen experience, and I'm already killing it," he responded. Higley also bragged that his accent makes him sound like "the British Idris Elba," and insisted he's "mature enough to work around boobies," and unveiled that his favored tool of seduction will be a comedy slide whistle.

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