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Clarice Creators Explain Why Agent Starling Still Resonates in New Featurette

  • The cast and crew of Clarice explain why the character of Clarice Starling still resonates decades later in this new featurette.

    "She's one of the best characters in literary history," series star Rebecca Breeds says of author Thomas Harris' creation from the 1988 novel The Silence of the Lambs. "She's courageous. She dives in... we're just seeing her having to constantly put a lid on it so that she can turn up to work and be taken seriously and continue to get on with the job, especially in this 'man's world.' She's not jaded by the job. She's incredibly empathetic. She doesn't see a dead body. She sees someone's daughter. It does affect her deeply."

    "Clarice Starling is my hero," says creator/executive producer Jenny Lumet, and her co-creator Alex Kurtzman adds "She fights for what she believes in in her core, in her soul. She's a woman who is, in some ways, both valued for her mind and underestimated for her mind."

    Clarice premeires on CBS Thursday, February 11 at 10:00 PM ET.

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