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Jimmy Fallon Unearths Chloe Fineman's High School Letterman Appearance

  • She stars on Saturday Night Live today, but back when she was still in high school, Chloe Fineman screamed like a crazy bird on Late Show with David Letterman.

    Fineman went to Piedmont High School in California, which boasts an "very bizarre bird calling contest" that was just weird enough to become an annual featured segment on Letterman. During Fineman's appearance on Tuesday's Tonight Show, JimmyFallon played a clip of her sounding like "a dead cat" doing the "peafowl" call on the show.

    "I took it very seriously and I had to win this bird calling contest," Fineman said to Fallon. "It's crazy you found that, because when I was in high school, YouTube did not exist. So I don't know many people who've seen that debut performance."

    Fineman posted the full clip of her Letterman appearance a few years back on her Instagram:

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