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Chloe Fineman Does Timothée Chalamet While Chalamet Does Harry Styles on SNL's "Dionne Warwick Show"

  • Ego Nwodim finally had an SNL sketch last night where she didn't have to play the straightwoman, starring as the hilariously out-of-touch host of "The Dionne Warwick Talk Show."

    The real Warwick is an R&B legend who just turned 80 years old, and has recently begun to figure out Twitter. Nwodim played that up and turned it into Warwick being completely unaware of all current celebrities, despite her guest list full of them.

    Timothée Chalamet plays her first guest, Harry Styles (her first question: "Who are you?"), followed by a cooking segment she sings through and ignores. Then Melissa Villaseñor appears for a hot minute as Billie Eilish ("you're spooky, can you put a hex on Wendy Williams for me?"), until it's time for Chloe Fineman to come on as a mostly-gibberish version of Timothée Chalamet ("honey, help me with my phone, it's locked and I'm trying to send a clapback at Wendy Williams"). 

    Nwodim's Warwick then shoos away Machine Gun Kelly (Pete Davidson in a snazzy pink number) because she's afraid of his name, and ends with a twist on the Oprah Winfrey car giveaway where everyone looks under their seats and finds nothing. "That's right! I don't owe you anything!" 

    It looks like Nwodim may have found her breakout character. 

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