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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion Somehow Perform "WAP" at the Grammys

  • In one of the most notable performances at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Megan Thee Stallion joined Cardi B for a performance of "WAP," which is not a song one would normally associate with network television, but is also a song that could not be denied this year. 

    In this clip, Cardi B starts with "Up" before segueing into a significantly censored version of the song which might as well just be entitled "Wet Wet Wet." The two of them wind up on a giant bed doing some rather interesting gymnastics that not only make up for that censorship, but would likely get thunderous applause on a regular edition of "Music's Biggest Night" if it weren't for social distancing requirements depriving the event of a proper audience..

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