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Bobby Moynihan Reveals the SNL Character He Could Never Get on the Show

  • Often when Saturday Night Live alums appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers, viewers get a little inside baseball from their time on the show, aided by the fact that Meyers himself was an SNL head writer who played a big part in which sketches made it to air.

    When Bobby Moynihan (Mr. Mayor) guested with Meyers Wednesday night, the host recalled Moynihan had a dream character he was never able to get on the show.

    It was called "Burl."

    "Burl was a character I tried to get on a bunch," Moynihan explained. "He was a 950-pound man... and he was having a party because he reached his goal weight. You know, he'd lost 19 pounds.. He never said anything. The only thing he said was '.... yeah.' That was it."

    Given that John Mulaney's now infamous "Diner Lobster" sketch had similar origins, maybe there's still hope for Burl.

    Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:35 PM ET on NBC.

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