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TV's Best Looks: Summer 2019 Edition

From Fleabag's jumpsuit to Jules' bold Euphoria eye makeup, TV was styling this summer.
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Billy Porter and Laura Dern are just a few of the fashionistas who lit up the tube this summer.
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Billy Porter and Laura Dern are just a few of the fashionistas who lit up the tube this summer.

    Since Peak TV never goes on vacation, summer now rivals fall in terms of sheer volume of TV. Now there are tons of options to keep you inside during the warmer months, and thus plenty of fashion inspiration for your summer looks. There should be plenty to keep viewers busy for the rest of the year, from the most talked about garments, to items that will cost more than a month's rent. Big Little Lies and Fleabag kicked this season off in style, and the winter-set Succession is already making a great case for outerwear as we head into Autumn. Who needs the September issue of Vogue or New York Fashion Week when we have TV as our style guide?

    Here are the most notable moments in costume, makeup, and hair from the last few months.

    Biggest Influencer: Fleabag

    If Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) was on Instagram, The Jumpsuit would be the biggest seller of the summer. She doesn't even need social media for this statement to be true, as this garment took the internet by storm. UK fans kick-started this trend, causing it to sell out, but luckily by the time Season 2 landed on Prime in the U.S., the Love jumpsuit was back in stock. Costume designer Ray Holman confirmed the jumpsuit worn by Waller-Bridge is actually navy blue, but the combination of the price and the fact that the jumpsuit is still available (and they ship internationally) made it especially popular among Fleabag fans. Messy relationship with a hot priest not included.

    Best Makeover: Eleven (Stranger Things)

    The new Hawkins mall hides a multitude of sins, but it does introduce Eleven (Mille Bobby Brown) to the most teenage of pursuits, the mall hangout. Three seasons in and she finally gets to pick clothes that aren't hand-me-downs. On a shopping trip with new BFF Max (Sadie Sink), she embraces all things 1980s, including a Madonna inspired photo shoot. Eleven's new look is full of highly enviable graphic prints, including a yellow and black shirt that was part of a collaboration between Stranger Things costume designer Amy Parris and the quick to sell out limited edition Levi's collection.

    Best Hair: Shiv Roy (Succession)

    Mere days have passed since Shiv's castle wedding in England, but that didn't stop her from getting the power cut of our dreams. Did she get the chop before or after stepping on board the wi-fi-challenged private cruise ship? Who knows what amenities the ultra rich have access to at any given point, but a hair stylist on-call seems pretty likely. It isn't only her hair that Shiv has elevated, as her entire wardrobe has gotten an upgrade, including high-waisted power pants and luxurious knits. Considering how much fun she made of her husband's bad suits, it's unlikely that Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) had any input. All we know is Shiv is dressed to win and her hair is ready for the Waystar crown.

    Most Likely to Get a Spread in Vogue: Jules (Euphoria)

    From the Halloween episode homage fulfilling so many Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet fantasies, to the plaid pleated mini skirts straight out of Clueless, the thread of ‘90s influences in Jules' (Hunter Schafer) Euphoria costuming is strong. Her constantly changing hair color and incredible eye makeup (which surely requires getting up hours before school to perfect) is eye-catching in every sense. Head of makeup Doniella Davy has been giving viewers plenty of tips, so it's no wonder Euphoria makeup tutorials are taking the beauty industry by storm. Jules' influence has already filtered down to the red carpet.

    Best Swimsuit: Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

    You can't have a summer fashion list without at least one beach-ready person on the list. Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) gets his very own Daniel Craig stepping out of the ocean in Casino Royale moment courtesy of costume designer Diane Crooke (and via a script note from Rob Thomas). The teeny-tiny blue bathers cause quite a stir on the crowded Neptune beach in the Season 4 premiere, but Logan only has eyes for the leather-jacket-clad Veronica (Kristen Bell). Rivaling this moment a couple of episodes later is Logan's bestie Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen) in even smaller gold lamé hot pants. Here's to the boys of the summer.

    Most Likely to Score 10s Across the Board: Pose

    Pose gets the trophy for most creative week-to-week, with costume designers Lou Eyrich and Analucia McGorty wowing audiences with showstopping attire. Whether it's Pray Tell (Billy Porter) in head-to-toe leopard print and white ruffles, a winged Elektra (Dominique Jackson), or Blanca's (MJ Rodriguez) caped blue dream of a frock, there isn't a moment that doesn't deserve a perfect 10. As the story moves from the ‘80s into the ‘90s, it's hard to keep the party going with all that is going on in the LGBT community at the time, but these costumes are an act of liberation.

    Best Power Couple: Bash and Rhonda (GLOW)

    Big shoulders are an ‘80s staple, and for a brief time, Bash (Chris Lowell) and Rhonda (Kate Nash) are delivering a united power couple aesthetic. Costume designer Beth Morgan elevated the entire GLOW look as a result of the change of location to Las Vegas, and no one is better suited to this level of fashion expression than Bash. His new wife is embracing having money for the first time, but while there are secrets, being a gold-digger is not one of them.

    Biggest bankruptcy wardrobe: Renata (Big Little Lies)

    Renata Klein (Laura Dern) will “not not be rich” even if her husband has completely ruined everything. She powered through the second season of Big Little Lies in head-to-toe designer brands, sacrificing everything but her closet. She threw a huge last big birthday party for Amabella (Ivy George), going all in on the ‘70s disco theme, which felt like it was more for the parents to blow off steam and get into fights with their wives while wearing fake mustaches and afro wigs. A little money issue doesn't stop Renata from decking herself (and Amabella) out in gold. She will rise up.

    Most likely to need a vacation: Holden Ford (Mindhunter)

    There is no doubt that Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) is the best dressed character on Mindhunter, however, Holden (Jonathan Groff) makes a case for himself in the season finale as he succumbs to the Atlanta heat. After months of hotel room living, alternating between sweaty short-sleeve shirts and ties and pajamas, Holden ditches the FBI uniform for a white polo shirt, slacks, and loafers (no socks). This DGAF moment could mean he's had it with the long nights and is ready for a vacation, but this brief blip is over by the end of the episode. The tie is back, but for that moment Holden went just as off book in his attire, as he does with his methods.

    Emma Fraser has wanted to write about TV since she first watched My So-Called Life in the mid-90s, finally getting her wish over a decade later. Follow her on Twitter at @frazbelina

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