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Annaleigh Ashford Tells Drew She Was a Go-Go Dancer

  • Annaleigh Ashford appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show Monday to promote B Positive, where she plays a character she describes as "the kind of girl who will do shots with you all night and then ask you if you want her kidney." 

    Ashford herself may not have been that messy and wild, but she did reveal that she used to be a go-go dancer.

    "This is so crazy. I was a go-go dancer in college," Ashford said, to which Barrymore lit up and mimed nipple tassles.

    "But not like 'awhhh'" Ashford quickly clarified while gyrating to demonstrate the kind of go-go dancer she was NOT. "I did it for '70s glam-rock parties with top hats and sequins and really high go-go boots. So that is about as close as it gets. I was very clean and boring. I was really focused on the dancing."

    B Positive airs Thursdays at 8:30 PM ET on CBS.

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