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Animaniacs Skewers Trump As a Gross Cyclops Who Insists He Has Two Eyes

  • Animaniacs (Hulu)
    Animaniacs (Hulu)

    The 2020 version of Animaniacs debuted Friday on Hulu, and they proved they still have some bite by going all in on Donald Trump in the second episode.

    In a spoof of The Odyssey titled "Warners Unbound," Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are Greek gods who descend from Mount Olympus on a golden escalator to vacation on a tropical island, only to be harassed by the "great hero" Odysseus... and of course, you realize, this means war. 

    After throwing trials at Odysseus without breaking him, the final challenge is going face to face with a giant orange cyclops who looks alarmingly familiar, and sounds even moreso.

    "I'm very rich, I have a great brain, and these two very excellent eyes that I can see things very well with," the one-eyed monster says to Odysseus, before calling him a Little Pocket Man and using him as a loofah to "exfoliate my very beautiful, very naturally tanned skin." 

    Being rubbed underneath the "wrinkled circus peanut's" nipple for a disturbingly long time is what finally breaks Odysseus.

    Yakko then decides to get rid of the Trump-clops, too, but Dot reminds him that "the Roman gods meddled with our affairs and made him a demigod... or was it a demogogue?" 

    Cue a classic Warner wink to the camera. Watch the clip below:

    Animaniacs is now streaming on Hulu. 

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