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SNL Pays Musical Tribute to True Crime TV

  • The weird obsession with casually watching true crime shows about brutal murders while doing mundane tasks takes center stage in this musical Saturday Night Live sketch. 

    Host Nick Jonas leaves his galpal (Chloe Fineman) for an evening and she spends the whole night watching "murder shows," a popular pastime that that has become so commonplace that gruesome slaughter documentaries become background noise for daily chores. Kate McKinnon, Ego Nwodim and Melissa Villaseñor join her in singing lyrics like "Two sisters got killed on a cruise in the Bahamas, I'm gonna half-watch it while I fold my pajamas." 

    When Jonas returns home, he insists that she's got it all wrong, and she should instead be watching "cult shows." Cut to Jonas dressed as cult leader Keith Raniere and singing "Brainwash, sex, and ugly dudes, and a bit of volleyball." 

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