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A.C. Slater Talking Toxic Masculinity Is So 2020

  • For those who remember the macho preening of A.C. Slater from the original Saved By The Bell series, it might seem strange to watch him call out toxic masculinity in the new Peacock reboot series, but that's 2020.

    In this clip, the older and wiser Slater breaks up a fight between his students Mac and Jamie, recognizes the one-up dynamic going on between them, and calls it by its name. Of course, his counseling gets twisted around on him and although it heals the rift between the kids, it messes with Slater's head.

    For the record, here are Slater and Zack engaging in some toxic masculinity and fighting back in their Bayside High days.

    Saved By the Bell is now streaming on Peacock.

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