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  • Posted Sunday 1/20/19 at 1:34PM EST
    • Gillian Anderson to play Margaret Thatcher on The Crown
      Source: The Times of London

      Anderson, who can be seen on Netflix playing British characters on The Fall and Sex Education, will take on another British role on the streaming service, that of Britain's first female prime minister, when The Crown is set in the 1970s. The Times of London, which broke the casting news, notes that previous portrayals of Thatcher -- including by Meryl Streep and Greta Scacci -- have ranged from “flirtatious and coquettish” to “almost a glamour puss” to “a she-wolf” and “figure of awe for her personal strength and grit."

      # TOPICS: Gillian Anderson, Netflix, The Crown, Margaret Thatcher

    • Pete Davidson's pairing with John Mulaney was the only standout moment on a lackluster SNL episode
      Source: The Atlantic

      On Saturday Night Live's first episode of 2019 and the first since Davidson's Instagram scare last month, the comedian joked about his suicide threat on "Weekend Update." Davidson was joined by fellow comedian John Mulaney, who is uniquely qualified to help him, having had issues with alcohol and prescription drug abuse. "What elevated the segment was Davidson and Mulaney’s vibrant odd-couple chemistry" says David Sims. "Mulaney has the clipped, precise delivery of a veteran, Johnny Carson–esque comic (his talent as a stand-up includes knowing exactly which syllables to hit hardest in every joke), while the hyperactive Davidson seems like he could misread a cue card at any moment or break into unplanned guffaws. Their pairing felt more alive than the show’s ongoing 'Update' team, Jost and Che. The segment has long been in need of revamping, and unfortunately, Mulaney, who has for years been an obvious pick for the hosting job, is likely too busy with his own career to return to SNL full-time." Their appearance together gave the episode a much-needed boost, says Sims, especially since the political material is still wanting, with host Rachel Brosnahan feeling lost in the shuffle.

      # TOPICS: Saturday Night Live, NBC, John Mulaney, Pete Davidson

    • Bill Maher booed for booking Ann Coulter on Real Time
      Source: Indiewire

      Coulter, one of a handful of right-wing pundits who have President Trump's ear amid the federal shutdown, is scheduled to appear on Friday's Real Time. "Yeah, that’s called a newsmaker. A policymaker. You’ll have to suck on that,” Maher said when his announcement was met with disapproval from his audience.

      # TOPICS: Bill Maher, HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher, Ann Coulter

    • Watch American Gods' long-awaited Season 2 official trailer
      Source: YouTube

      The Starz series has released a nearly two-minute trailer to promote its return on March 10.

      # TOPICS: American Gods, Starz, Trailers & Teasers

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