Current Syfy Projects



Genre: Sci-fi

Description: A secret military technology is unexpectedly implanted in the brain of a 13-year-old video game junkie, when the boy and his father unwittingly find themselves at the center of the next great war — over artificial intelligence.

Pilot Cast: Adrian Grenier, Kyla-Drew Simmons, Gabriel Bateman, Sydney Morton.

Series Creator: Allison Miller.

Pilot Director: Peter Hoar.

Producers: Allison Miller, Danny McBride, Jody Hill, David Gordon Green.

Studios: Universal Cable Productions, Rough House Pictures.

(Future) Cult Classic


Genre: Horror, Slasher, and Thriller

Description: Qet 18 years in the future, a group of teens’ community is rocked by a 1990s slasher-movie obsessed serial killer. Our heroes quickly realize they’re being targeted and decide to take matters into their own hands and track down the killer—before time runs out.

Pilot Cast: Emily Alyn Lind, Justin Bartha, Cayden Boyd, Jacob McCarthy, Zoe Renee, Goeffrey Owens.

Series Creator: Shay Hatten, Tim Kirkby.

Pilot Director: Tim Kirkby.

Producers: Lorne Michaels, Shay Hatten.

Studios: Universal Cable Productions, Broadway Video.

Resident Alien


Genre: Comedy and Sci-fi

Description: After taking on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor, a crash-landed alien named Harry slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth – ultimately asking the question, “Are human beings worth saving?”

Pilot Cast: Alan Tudyk, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, Sara Tomko, Levi Fiehler, Chris Sheridan.

Based on: Peter Horgan & Steve Parkhouse’s comic book series

Pilot Director: Chris Sheridan.

Producers: Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Mike Richardson, Keith Goldberg.

Studios: Universal Cable Productions, Amblin Television, Dark Horse Entertainment.