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2019 CBS Pilots - Dramas



Genre: crime and sci-fi

Description: A San Francisco homicide detective is mysteriously brought back to life after being killed in the line of duty, but as he resumes his old life and he and his wife realize he isn’t the same person he used to be, they zero in on the strange man behind his resurrection – Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

Pilot Cast: Ryan Phillippe, Katrina Law, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Aaron Staton.

Series Creator: Jason Tracey, Ute Briesewitz.

Based on: Mary Shelley's novel

Pilot Director: Jason Tracey.

Producers: Rob Doherty.

Studios: CBS Television Studios.

All Rise


Genre: legal

Description: The dedicated, chaotic, hopeful, and sometimes absurd lives of the judges, assistant district attorneys, and public defenders as they work with bailiffs, clerks, cops and jurors to bring justice to the people of Los Angeles.

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Pilot Cast: Simone Missick, Marg Helgenberger, Wilson Blethel, Jessica Camacho, Lindsey Mendez, Greg Spottiswood.

Series Creator: Greg Spottiswood, Michael M. Robin, Leonard Goldstein.

Producers: Greg Spottiswood, Michael M. Robin.

Studios: Warner Bros. TV.



Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Description: The battle between science and religion is in full force when a skeptical female clinical psychologist joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor as they investigate supposed miracles, demonic possessions, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there’s a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work

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Pilot Cast: Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi, Katja Herbers, Michael Emerson.

Series Creator: Michelle King, Robert King.

Pilot Director: Robert King.

Producers: Liz Glotzer, Michelle King, Robert King.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, King Size Productions.

FBI: Most Wanted


Genre: thriller and police

Description: Around the division of the FBI tasked with tracking and capturing the notorious criminals on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Pilot Cast: Julian McMahon, Alana De La Garza, Kellan Lutz, Keisha Castle-Hugues, Nathaniel Arcand, Roxy Sternberg.

Series Creator: Dick Wolf, Rene Balcer, Fred Berner.

Based on: CBS's FBI

Producers: Dick Wolf, Rene Balcer.

Studios: Universal Television, CBS Television Studios, Wolf Films.

The Republic Of Sarah

Genre: Political Soap

Description: A small New Hampshire rural mountain town is thrust onto the world stage when the discovery of a valuable resource within its borders compels the residents to utilize a cartographical loophole to declare themselves an independent nation, thus setting the unlikely young mayor Sarah Chambers and her cabinet of inexperienced locals on the path of running a brand-new country.

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Pilot Cast: Sarah Drew, James Lesure, Carlos Leal, Jonathan Slavin, Daniel Ings, Annie Funke, Kirsten Nelson, Victoria Gabrielle Platt, Kimberly Guerrero.

Series Creator: Jeffrey Paul King.

Pilot Director: Marc Webb.

Producers: Leo Pearlman, Jeff Grosvenor, Jeffrey Paul King, James Corden, Marc Webb.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, Marc Webb Productions, Fulwell 72.



Genre: Spy Thriller

Description: Madeline Yardley, the head of communications for the NSA for 13 years, finds her loyalties torn between protecting the government’s secrets and her own after an investigative journalist dies under mysterious circumstances.

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Pilot Cast: Sophia Bush, Dennis Haysbert, Matthew Modine, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Allan Leech, Raphael Acloque, Nick Blood.

Series Creator: David C. White.

Pilot Director: Patricia Riggen.

Producers: Matt Reeves, Sophia Bush, Patricia Riggen, David C. White.

Studios: 20th Century Fox, CBS Television Studios, 6th & Idaho.


(Also known as Nancy)

Genre: Cop Genre

Description: When Abigail Thomas, a former high-ranking NYPD officer, becomes the first female Chief of Police for Los Angeles, she uses her unflinching honesty and hardball tactics to navigate the social, political, and national security issues that converge with enforcing the law.

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Pilot Cast: Edie Falco, Michael Chernus, Russell G. Jones, Adelaide Clemens, Olivia Lucy Phillip.

Series Creator: Paul Attanasio.

Pilot Director: Kate Dennis.

Producers: Paul Attanasio, Steven Spielberg, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, Amblin Television.

Under the Bridge


Genre: Medical

Description: When scandal rocks the medical practice she runs with her husband and their friends, a surgeon rises to the occasion and takes the lead trying to mend both the practice and her own marriage.

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Pilot Cast: Jennifer Morrison, Justin Kirk, David Ajala, Sarayu Blue, Reggie Lee.

Series Creator: Rina Mimoun.

Pilot Director: Victoria Mahoney.

Producers: Rina Mimoun, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

2019 CBS Pilots - Comedies

Bob Hearts Abishola


Genre: Multi-camera, Romantic, and Family

Description: After having a heart attack, a man falls in love with his Nigerian nurse and sets his sights on getting her to give him a chance.

Pilot Cast: Billy Gardell, Christine Ebersole, Matt Jones, Maribeth Monroe, Barry Shabaka Henley, Folake Olowofoyeku, Shola Adewus, Al Higgins, Gina Yashere, Eddie Gorodetsky.

Series Creator: Chuck Lorre, Gina Yashere, Al Higgins, Eddie Gorodetsky.

Producers: Chuck Lorre.

Studios: Warner Bros. TV, Chuck Lorre Productions.


(Also known as Broke in Reseda)

Genre: Multi-camera and Family

Description: Two siblings are forced to reconnect when an outrageously wealthy trust fund baby is cut off by his father, and he and his wife move into her estranged sister’s Reseda condo.

Pilot Cast: Pauley Perrette, Jaime Camil, Nathasha Leggero, Izzy Diaz, Alex Herschlag.

Series Creator: Alex Herschlag.

Producers: Jaime Camil, Jennie Snyder Urman, Ben Silverman.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, Propagate, Resonant TV, Sutton St. Productions.

Carol's Second Act

(Also known as Carol's Second Chance)

Genre: Multi-camera and Medical

Description: Patricia Heaton stars as a woman who embarks on a unique second act after raising her children, getting divorced, and retiring from teaching: pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. At age 50, Carol is a medical intern and must sink or swim with peers who are half her age. It’s her enthusiasm, perspective and yes, even her age, that may be exactly what will make her second act a great success.

Pilot Cast: Patricia Heaton, Bonnie Dennison, Kyle MacLachlan, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Ito Aghayere.

Series Creator: Sarah Haskins, Emily Halpern.

Pilot Director: Pamela Fryman, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor.

Producers: Patricia Heaton, Sarah Haskins, Emily Halpern.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, Kapital Entertainment, FourBoys Entertainment.

The Emperor of Malibu


Genre: Multi-camera and Family

Description: When the son of a Chinese billionaire announces his engagement to an American woman, his outrageous family descends upon the couple to win their son back and test drive the American dream.

Pilot Cast: Max Willems, Ken Jeong, Taylor Louderman, Deborah S. Craig.

Series Creator: Kevin Kwan, David Sangalli.

Pilot Director: Andy Ackerman.

Producers: Michelle Nader, Kevin Kwan, David Sangalli, Christina Lee.

Studios: Warner Bros. TV.

Our House


Genre: Multi-camera and Family

Description: A devoted mom and dad who are committed to raising their children with the love and support the mom never got as a kid but discover how difficult that is with her insane parents and siblings back in the picture.

Pilot Cast: Katherine Heigl, Malcolm Barrett, Nancy Lenehan.

Series Creator: Brendan O’Brien.

Pilot Director: James Burrows.

Producers: Brendan O’Brien, Nick Stoller, Conor Welch.

Studios: Sony Pictures Television, CBS Television Studios.

Super Simple Love Story


Genre: Hybrid and Romantic

Description: A story told through interviews and vignettes spanning 10 years, about how an unlikely couple becomes an unlikely family.

Pilot Cast: David Walton, Elizabeth Alderfer, Parker Young, Vanessa Marano, Laura Marano, Ronny Chieng, Mike Royce.

Pilot Director: Pamela Fryman, Conor Welch.

Producers: Mike Royce, Nick Stoller.

Studios: Sony Pictures Television, CBS Television Studios.

To Whom It May Concern


Genre: Hybrid and Romantic

Description: Evan sets out with his group of 20-something friends to accomplish a list of challenges he wrote for himself years ago in an effort to turn around his banal life.

Pilot Cast: Michael Angarano, Bridget Heelan, Michael Cassidy, Ana Villafane, Ahdir Kalyan, Mike Metz.

Series Creator: Mike Metz.

Producers: Gail Berman.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, The Jackal Group.

The Unicorn


Genre: Single-camera, Romantic, and Family

Description: A widower is eager to move on from the most difficult year of his life, only to realize he’s utterly unprepared to raise his two daughters on his own and equally unprepared for the dating world — where, to his shock, he’s suddenly a hot commodity.

Pilot Cast: Walton Goggins, Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Maya Lynne Robinson, Omar Benson Miller, Mike Schiff, Bill Martin.

Series Creator: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff, John Hamburg.

Producers: Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Wendi Trilling.

Studios: CBS Television Studios, Kapital Entertainment.