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Trevor Noah Mocks Trump's Long List of Excuses After Taking Home Top Secret Documents

"It's not 'taking work home with you' if you no longer have the job."
  • On Monday night, Trevor Noah took a few digs at Donald Trump's excuses for taking classified information from the White House.

    Noah accused the former president and the "red caps," meaning his MAGA supporters, of continuing to "invent new excuses for why this crime wasn't a crime" and mocked Trump's claims that the government also took his passports during the raid.

    "I can see why Trump is pissed if they took his passports," said Noah. "I mean, he's the guy who wanted to build the wall, and now he's going to need to sneak into Mexico. Karma's a b*tch!"

    As for excuses, according a statement released by Trump's office, everyone takes work home sometimes, to which Noah responded, "That's true. Everyone does take work home sometimes. But not Donald Trump! The man barely took work to work."

    "And also, by the way, it's not 'taking work home with you' if you no longer have the job," Noah continued. "Can we agree on that? You don't have the job. You can't take work home with you. Like, if you get fired from your babysitting job but you still go pick up the kid from school, that's just kidnapping."

    Another on Trump's list of excuses was that Barack Obama also took work home, to which Noah responded, "First of all, this is just completely made up. In fact, the National Archives came out and said it is not true. But also, for the sake of the argument, let's say it was true. These people are the same people who have spent the last 15 years saying Obama is basically the devil, but then when they get into trouble, they say, 'It's fine, we just did the same thing as the devil!'"

    "If you don't like that excuse, Trump's got another one for you," said Noah. "It's about how he declassified these documents in his mind."

    According to another statement from Trump's office, Trump had a "standing order" that anything he removed from the White House was deemed to be declassified.

    "That's an interesting excuse," Noah said. "Anything Trump took home with him was automatically declassified because he had a standing order. It's also super convenient that no one's ever heard about this rule until he got busted for having top secret documents at his house, but whatever."

    Noah said he'd heard this excuse before, from people who get "busted" for having an affair.

    "They'll be like, 'Actually, I didn't cheat on you because I'd already broken up with you in my mind.'"

    And finally, Noah shared Trump's last excuse, that he packed in a rush and accidentally took top secret files home with him.

    Laughing, Noah said, "Oh my God, this is the greatest excuse of all time. Trump's people are saying because he didn't think he was leaving the White House, he packed in a hurry when he left. Yeah, he was so busy planning the coup, he didn't even think about packing. Is that what happened? He's like, 'Guys, I wasn't trying to steal these documents, I was trying to steal the election!'"

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