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Tom Tugendhat Quotes Harry Potter's Dumbledore in UK Prime Minister Debate

The candidate paraphrased one of Dumbledore's most iconic lines while live on the UK's Channel 4.
  • Tom Tugendhat and Albus Dumbledore (Photos: Channel 4/Everett Collection)
    Tom Tugendhat and Albus Dumbledore (Photos: Channel 4/Everett Collection)

    Many serious issues were discussed during the UK's Leadership Debate on Channel 4. However, one of the candidates in the race for Prime Minister used a not-so-serious source to support his arguments during the debate. Tom Tugendhat, a member of the Conservative Party, quoted Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter in one of his answers.

    "I'm willing to call out friends as well as enemies," Tugendhat said, following up with a quote that sounded eerily similar to one from Dumbledore in the J.K. Rowling books and movie adaptations, "It's easy to stand up to your enemies. It's sometimes harder to stand up to your friends."

    One Harry Potter fan noticed the quote from the franchise and tweeted, "Tugendhat literally quoting Dumbledore in his pitch to be PM," alongside an image from the films.

    Another viewer tweeted the video from the Channel 4 feed, asking, "We all spotted Tom Tugendhat quoting Albus Dumbledore there yes?"

    Other viewers noticed the odd quote as well, tweeting reactions that included political takes and images from the Harry Potter movies.

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