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Stephen Colbert and Chris Hayes Mock Josh Hawley for 'Skedaddling' on Jan. 6

Hayes said the slow-mo clip amounted to "the committee telling Josh Hawley to go eff himself."
  • As the only late night host to go live after Thursday night's January 6 committee hearing, Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to mock Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for fleeing the Capitol on January 6 after riling up rioters just hours earlier.

    Colbert called Hawley "the man who famously raised a fist in solidarity with the mob before entering Congress that day."

    "Turns out, once the mob broke into the building, he wasn't quite so enthusiastic to stand with them," quipped Colbert.

    The Late Show host played the committee's slow-mo clip of Hawley running across the Capitol hallway, then replayed it with cartoon sound effects, saying, "Look at him go!"

    That wasn't the end of the Hawley jokes, though, as Colbert's first guest of the night, MSNBC host Chris Hayes, joined in for a pile-on.

    Colbert asked Hayes why he thinks the committee showed Hawley, a.k.a. "Mr. Fist Up," running through the Capitol, saying, "What was the value of showing Josh Hawley skedaddling?"

    "The value was the committee telling Josh Hawley to go eff himself," Hayes replied with a laugh.

    "The message there is that it's important for us to see they were running because they were scared, because they were being evacuated," continued Hayes. "But you went out there that day to go throw your fist up and to play with fire, and everyone got to see you do that and see you fundraise after, and see you talk about how you owned the libs, but not see you with your tail between your legs when the mob is about to knock down your door."

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