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Why Scandal should kill off Olivia Pope

  • “Olivia Pope represents the broken political wheel,” says Sesali Bowen. “She is the reason for the corruption in her fictional Washington. It’s easy to argue that someone else will just replace her in this role, but the chances of them being as good at it are slim. If Scandal truly wants to close the book, Pope is a loose end that needs to be tied. Retirement is not an option, as she will always be a target. And knowing that she’s still solving cases is just going to keep me up at night. Give Pope an honorable death, and with it, give us some hope that our political system can actually work for the people.” Meanwhile, Kerry Washington says of Olivia Pope: “I don’t have a want for her. I want what the writers want for her.” ALSO: Katie Lowes welcomes a baby boy.

    TOPICS: ABC, Scandal, Katie Lowes, Kerry Washington