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When will TV see new shows uniquely reflective of the Trump era?

  • New shows like NBC's The Brave and CBS' SEAL Team “are essentially interchangeable pieces of American military porn” that are already “wildly out of step” with America under President Trump, according to Tim Goodman. “The two jingoistic network dramas referenced above were not created in time to cynically tap into a Trump base that might be watching broadcast TV and trolling for relatable content; it takes too long to get an actual pilot shot, produced and on the air,” he says. “But we're now coming up on a period where new content — on all platforms — could conceivably be interpreted as the first wave of reaction to Trump. But what form will that take? It would be hard to quantify an uptick in escapist fare as some sort of recognizable reaction to our crazy times, because escapist fare is and has always been prevalent on television.” ALSO: Did Stephen Colbert go too far with another lewd Trump sex joke?

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