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Twin Peaks did what Game of Thrones used to do, and that’s why it was summer’s best show

  • Kyle MacLachlan and Naomi Watts in Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtiime)

    David Lynch and Mark Frost’s sequel “took us somewhere entirely new, on its own creative terms and using its own visual language,” says Hank Stuever. “Like Game of Thrones, it required that we pay attention and even do our homework. (‘Siri, who is Tycho Nestoris?’ ‘Never mind, Siri — who is Phillip Jeffries?’) It rewarded expertise while rewarding a more casual viewer with a thrill ride. This season, ‘Game of Thrones abandoned those traits and became a set of color-coded index cards arranged on a bulletin board in a writers room, each card representing its own holy-crap moment in a season overburdened with holy-crap moments, rather than honoring the whole of the work. PLUS: Twin Peaks wasn’t as big as Ray Donovan, yet Showtime says it exceeded expectations, and how a movie critic saw Twin Peaks compared to a TV critic.

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