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Tom Cruise needs a career reboot: Why not try TV?

  • “Maybe just a little dip into the waters of Netflix?” says Tim Stack. “Or a brief stay trip to HBO? I’m not saying he should be the lead of NCIS: Weehawken. TV takes so many forms now but a limited series would be the best choice IMO. I would love to see him work with someone like Noah Hawley or Ryan Murphy or Damon Lindelof — someone who could take him out of his action-hero comfort zone and showcase his skills. Maybe even play an anti-hero. Some of my favorite Cruise roles were when he wasn’t likable, like in Magnolia or Interview with the Vampire. How great would Cruise be in an American Crime Story season? Or even a new Fargo installment? Or True Detective 3?”

    TOPICS: Damon Lindelof, Noah Hawley, Ryan Murphy, Tom Cruise, Prestige TV