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The NFL should order an independent investigation of NFL Network, but it won’t

  • The NFL-owned NFL Network appears to have a sexual misconduct problem -- a problem that might be tricky to solve. As Mike Florio notes, "while an independent investigation would serve an important purpose moving forward, it would also create evidence that could be used against the league in litigation filed by (former NFL Network stylist) Jami Cantor, and by anyone else who may decide to pursue their rights in court. As a result, the NFL has a dilemma. Fixing the problem could generate a trail of proof that would establish or exacerbate financial responsibility to current or former employees. Circling the wagons to defend against Jami Cantor’s case, and to brace for others, could make it more difficult to truly determine the full extent of the problem.” ALSO: A former NFL Network makeup artist details her experiences with sexual harassment.

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