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RuPaul's new daytime talk show is a "total drag, and not necessarily the fun kind"

  • The problem with RuPaul Charles' new talk show, which is in the midst of a three-week trial run on some Fox stations, is that RuPaul isn't about RuPaul -- "or at least not about that RuPaul," says Rhodes Murphy. "RuPaul himself is so interesting," he adds, "that watching him cede the spotlight to others is frustrating. It’s a problem for a talk show when the host is more interesting than the guest—especially when the host declines to press them with interesting questions. RuPaul would easily be more entertaining if the guests were interviewing RuPaul instead of the other way around. It hasn’t helped that the interview lineup has, so far, been less than thrilling."

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