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How Y: The Last Man has been incorporating trans characters

  • Vox

    "Y: The Last Man’s approach to trans characters creeps in slowly through the show’s first six episodes (which are all I have seen; there will be 10 in total)," says Emily VanDerWerff. "In episode four, its most prominent trans guy character — Sam, played by Elliot Fletcher — is granted more time in the spotlight. In episode five, a geneticist named Dr. Mann explains in great detail that not only men perished in the global die-off of everything with a Y chromosome. (The TV series has yet to offer an explanation for what happened; the comics featured several different explanations. Vaughan has said that one of those explanations from the comics is the “correct” one, but he has not specified which one.) Certainly, cis men died during 'the event' (this is what showrunner Eliza Clark calls it, so I’m going to call it that too). So did trans women, and so did nonbinary people, and so did several cis women who had a Y chromosome due to Swyer syndrome, and so did many intersex people. Then there are all of the people who died because they just happened to be on a plane flown by a man or riding in a car driven by a man when the event occurred. o lots of people died during the event, Dr. Mann clarifies. Most of them were men, but saying that only men died does a disservice to the actual scale of the calamity. Most of the information presented in this scene won’t surprise many trans people, who think about the nature of gender a lot, but I’ve found that many cis people have never even thought about it, so I hope somebody somewhere learns something new from Y: The Last Man. The point is, the TV version of Y: The Last Man understands that implying that chromosomes are destiny creates an impression of a gender binary that doesn’t exist. Human DNA is messy and complicated, and therefore, so is whatever we call 'gender.'"

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