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Billy Crudup is also fascinated by his Morning Show character

  • The actor who won an Emmy for his role as network executive Cory Ellison tells the Los Angeles Times of his fan-favorite character: "I couldn’t believe some of the s— that was coming out of his mouth in the pilot and I was so curious as to what (showrunner) Kerry (Ehrin) was after, that (she) imagined the human being who would feel confident and present enough in the moment — and capable to speak in paragraphs, metaphors, analogies — and to be in such a high-pressure situation with such dexterity and ease and confidence. And then my imagination really went to some of the people that I have encountered in New York. There’s some eccentrics in high-leverage situations, whose primary understanding of the way the world works is by reading people — trying to understand in a group of people who’s the most powerful, how they have ownership over that power, and whether or not there’s any way in for them to be included or overtake them. There’s a magnetic quality that he wields as well, which is this inscrutability about his motivations. And anybody who can often obfuscate their motivations in such a high-stakes poker game is fascinating, because they’ve got to have some level of confidence and belief in themselves — that if they lose everything, they’ll be fine."

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