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Bill Simmons on Jemele Hill's suspension: “ESPN has contradicted itself way too many times”

  • Simmons, the former ESPN personality whom the sports network has also suspended (multiple times), says the sports network has been trying to “stick with sports” while doing everything to undermine sticking to sports, including buying a site like Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight politics-themed website. “Here’s where the dual personalities of ESPN blossomed into full view,” says Simmons. “On the one hand, it’s the company that funded Ezra Edelman’s staggering vision for O.J.: Made in America, turned over a high-profile SportsCenter block to Jemele and Michael Smith, spent God knows how much on the Undefeated, throws a lavish espnW summit every fall, and does whatever else you’d want to stick in this paragraph. On the other hand, it’s the company that found itself paralyzed when Jemele tweeted that Trump was ‘a white supremacist.’ Uh-oh. Now what?” ALSO: ESPN historian is working on a podcast series on social media at ESPN.

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