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Bill Hader recounts going into a bathroom stall at SNL and having "a full-blown panic attack, crying, the whole thing"

  • In a Hollywood Reporter cover story, Hader says he still has some of the crippling anxiety that he had at Saturday Night Live. “The live aspect of SNL — I’m just not built for it,” says Hader. “Before shows, I would go into a bathroom that was way down this hall, go into a stall and have a full-blown panic attack, crying, the whole thing. And then I go and get in a giant banana costume. This voice would come on in my head of like, ‘You f*cking asshole, do you know how many people would kill for this? Dude, get your shit together, come on.'” As The Hollywood Reporter's Rebecca Keegan explains, "the pandemic exacerbated Hader’s anxiety, worsening the migraines he has suffered from for years. He has an autoimmune condition, takes immune-suppressing medication and almost never left his house from March 2020 until he was fully vaccinated in the spring of 2021. Hader wears an N95 mask to work on the Sony lot, where masking is optional, and toggles between worrying about getting COVID-19 and worrying about whether the stress from worrying is triggering his autoimmune condition." Hader adds: “I thought, ‘If I get COVID, it’s going to cost a shit ton of money. And so I was very, very strict. I put myself under a lot of pressure. I just don’t like that that’s taking up space in my brain when I have all this other sh*t I’m trying to do.” ALSO: Hader, who is rumored to be dating Anna Kendrick, won't discuss his dating life to protect his three daughters.

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