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Are there too many good sitcoms on Thursday nights?

  • Tonight is "overwhelmingly full of good new sitcoms" thanks to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Other Two and the return of What We Do in the Shadows for Season 3 (with two episodes) and A.P. Bio for Season 4 (with eight episodes), says Garrett Martin. "So if you’re the kind of person who can’t wait to watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows, and you’re also the kind of person who has good taste in comedy and thus knows to watch all four of these sitcoms, you’ve got 14 half-hours of new comedy to watch today," he says. "That’s like a full day at work. Watching sitcoms would be a good job—I mean, hell, it’s kind of what my job is, and I can confirm: it’s good!—but still, it’ll take me a few days to make it through all of this. This is not an actual problem, obviously. This whole piece is largely a tongue-in-cheek way to remind y’all that all of these great sitcoms have new episodes today and are all worth watching. But, were I responsible for crafting the schedule for a network or a streaming service, I would probably go out of my way to make sure there wasn’t a lot of other shows in the same general wheelhouse, that appeal to the same general audience, coming out the same day I had earmarked for my show."

    TOPICS: A.P. Bio, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Other Two, What We Do in the Shadows, Peak TV