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ABC is said to be optimistic about a Roseanne spinoff, but there are legal questions over Roseanne Barr's creative credit

  • ABC is trying to figure out if Barr would have a creative and ownership stake of a spinoff that doesn't include the character Roseanne Conner, explains Deadline's Nellie Andreeva. "If she was creator or co-creator of the mothership series, that is pretty unavoidable, but her specific credit could make it possible," says Andreeva. "The opening credits for the revival (which mirror those for the original series, read: Roseanne is created by Matt Williams, based on a character created by Roseanne Barr. If Williams is considered the sole creator of the series, with Barr only credited for originating the character that became Roseanne Conner, if a follow-up series does not feature Roseanne Conner, one could make an argument that Barr is not entitled to profits. However, things are not that simple — after all Roseanne, the series, exists because of the character created by Barr. The complexity of the issue explains the prolonged legal review and delayed pickup decision. The case has to be iron-clad as a new series without Barr would likely trigger a lawsuit by the comedian."

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